Drehmomentschlüssel 10-60 NM

1/2 Antrieb Hazet
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1 pc(s)
Hazet torque wrench
Release accuracy in operating direction + 4% of scale value
Tightening at torque both to the right and to the left possible
With automatic close-gap, heard and felt when reaching the set value
Setting the desired torque value quickly and safely by turning the handle
Secure locking the handle
Fine graduations
With serial number and certificate
Ratchet with sliding square (according to DIN 3120 A, ISO 11 74-1 A) with plastic knob for advancing manually
Changing the actuating direction by repositioning of the square possible
DIN EN ISO 6789 (4.3.2 <1 sec)
Messber.Nm: 10-60 division Nm: 0.5 Drive Square: 3/8 "Length: 300.0 mm

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