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HAZET bit set 51 pcs

Narrow, high packing density of the bits with optimal storage space
Novel, long-time clamp the bits with improved support in plastic for solid and secure fit as well as fast access
Clear identification of the individual bit types and sizes
Staggered arrangement of the bits (nested) causes extreme space saving in the upper and lower part of the bite-Box
Bite tool box with optimized storage space with minimum volume
Special geometric design of the bit shots ensures easy insertion and a firm grip
Specially designed hinge design allows both the right-angle setting up (90 °) of the "bite" box and putting up in the fully open position (180 °)
Made In Germany

Technical specifications:
Dimensions LxWxH: 125 x 87 x 38 mm
Plastic Box

each 1x Allen: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
each 1x slot: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9mm
4x PH1, PH2 4x, 3x PH3
3x PZ1, PZ2 3x, 1x PZ3
1x T6, T7 1x, 1x T8, T9 1x, 1x T10, T15 1x, 2x T20, T25 2x, 2x T27, T30 2x, 2x T40
each 1x T10H, T15H, T20H, T25H, T27H, T30H
1x bit holder

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