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Boring Zentriehülsen Set

Fits M6, M8, M10, M12

Torn bolts or studs are often drill out only with great effort
The exact center, centering with a punch and then drilling designed mostly very difficult
Often the fastening thread is damaged by oblique drilling
Thus, the required holding torque of the thread is no longer
By Boring centering a central boring of the demolished screws is guaranteed
The component to be solved is first completely disassembled
The torn-off screw stump is ground plan
The corresponding Zentriehülse is introduced from behind into the design of the fixture
The component is attached with the still intact screws until the centering rests with the federal government plan
With a 4 mm drill a blind hole is first drilled in the torn screw
In this case, the drill is positively introduced into the specially hardened sleeve and thus can not run
If the blind hole is introduced in the center, can with greater Bohreren the hole as far reamed to a screw extractor used is
The thread may also be drilled to the core diameter and then recut

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