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KUKKO 2- and 3-arm puller set

Kit "8 in 1"
Now with two different deduction hook types and Quick Adjust technology.
The new combined rate made possible by the variable combination options for standard and S-hooks and extensions to the assembly of eight different Abziehermodellen from just one set.
Due to the proven Quick Adjust technology unproblematic and quick conversion is ensured. The Handstellrändel make for quick loosening and moving the puller legs on the crossbar, without wrenches.
The cross hooks ensure maximum stability of the suspension of the puller legs in the slider (Armlock technology).

Contains the basic set of 2- and 3-arm pullers, which are needed in each workshop
In addition, the set is equipped with two versions of the puller legs
By extension, the puller can be combined up to a cutting depth of 200 mm
The Zweiarmigkeit enables space-saving work
The Dreiarmigkeit ensures uniform load distribution and thus particularly secure hold on the part to be deducted
In each position of the application, this model version allows, even under full load, parallel extractor hooks
The deducted portion is exclusively on the bearing surfaces of the puller legs and thereby stripped gently
The 2-arm crossmember has a hexagonal profile on which, if necessary, a key can be set for countering
The spindle heads are provided with a collar, which prevents the wrench (this is the rate at) when peeling slipping
The plungers are used when the shaft is hollow and thereby does not support possibility for the jackscrew

For universal use when pulling of transmission gears, bearings, sprockets and synchronous bodies.
By turning the extractor hooks, the puller can be used as internal or external.
Also suitable for removing asymmetrical workpieces.

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