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Beru glow plug test device

Glow Plug Universal Rapid Tester, suitable for fast and reliable testing of steel and ceramic glow plugs in vehicles with 12-volt vehicle electrical system voltage - individually, without dismantling and without engine start. Simple, fast and reliable
No presetting needed the glow plug type (steel or ceramic)
Automatic detection of the voltage value of the glow plug (from 3.3 to 15 volts)
Testing under real conditions
Analogue display of heating and Stromabregelung (compared possibility of individual glow plugs regarding current consumption and control behavior)
Short-circuit and reverse polarity protection
Overvoltage protection (glow plug also has autonomous circuit)
Characteristic Driven Test Sequences as in electronic control units
Detection of bad contacts by processor then re-examination
In tester integrated special microcontroller software

Technical specifications:
Input voltage: 8.5 to 15 Volt (max. Current 80 amperes)
Test voltage: 0-7.5 volts, after 3 seconds running voltage to 4.7 volts back
Candidates: Bar steel glow plugs and ceramic glow plugs, from 3.3 to 15 volts
Dimensions (LxWxH): 122 x 65 x 40 mm
Weight: 250 g
Error message:
Overvoltage and undervoltage
Short circuit
Output (blue test cable) to +12 V
Output (blue test cable) to negative

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