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PMA TOOLS sensor case Profi Line, 52-piece

Intelligent Sensor technology:
Sensors are now part of standard equipment essential modern car windows. These complex components contribute to the safety and comfort of the vehicle occupants: activate sensors rain the wipers when rain and regulate the wiper speed, light sensors measure the ambient lighting conditions and automatically turn on at dusk on the low beam. The latest generation sensors prevent fogging of the windshield by controlled rules of the air conditioner.

Designed as a complete solution in the field of sensor technology.
This compact plastic case involves Posters "SensorTack® Applications" with comprehensive vehicle-specific information for the sensor application as well as the complete range of all common AC sensors, Pads and accessories for professional use in daily practice.
The sensor case Profi Line has been specifically tailored to the needs of the professional sensor change.
All listed items can also be ordered separately if required.

The 1 x extraction tool for rain sensor K206, rain / light sensor K205 / K208 and K203 / K209
1 x sensor activator PT 310 250 ml, 1 x rain / light sensor Renault, Nissan
1 x light sensor K201, 5 x Adhesive Pads light sensor K201
1 x plug rain / light sensor K204, 5 x Adhesive Pads Rain sensor VW Group
1 x rain sensor K206, 5 x Adhesive Pads rain sensor K206
each 1 x rain / light sensor K209 and K203, 5 x Adhesive Pads rain / light sensor K209 / K203 / K202
5 x Adhesive Pads Rain Sensor Audi, 1 x light sensor Mercedes S-Class W220 / G model
1 x rain sensor K207, 5 x Adhesive Pads rain sensor K207
1 x rain / light sensor K202, K211 1 x humidity sensor
1 x light sensor K208, 1 x rain / light sensor K205
5 x Adhesive Pads rain / light sensor K208 / K205, 5 x SensorTack® Ready sensor pad Type 2-1, silicone
1 x Poster SensorTack® Applications German / English

Case Dimensions (LxWxH): 41 x 39 x 12.5 cm
Weight: 2,8 kg

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