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Benning voltage tester DUSPOL® digital

Digital True RMS voltage tester with resistance / frequency range, professional testing of DC and AC voltages and for phase and polarity tests with load connection
Suitable for high-voltage systems in hybrid vehicle technology, electrical engineering, industrial, maintenance, service (troubleshooting), PV / wind power plants
Tested and approved according to IEC / EN 61243-3 (DIN VDE 0682-401: 2011-02), CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V
Cable break detector (phase tester) for contactless isolation from the cable breaks at exposed and live wires - yellow flashing
Vibrationsalarmim Prüfgriff for safe voltage detection
High-impedance voltage test without actuating pushbutton (direct display)
Load connection via push buttons (low-impedance test
Switchable load circuit, faulty measurements caused by capacitive and inductive reactive voltages by means of intended load connection via push buttons
Intended release of a 30 mA RCCB
Optical and acoustic continuity check via buzzer and yellow LED
Display of Phase Sequence with arrow
Secure single-pole phase test
Display lighting and precise illumination of the measuring point over white High Power LED
Impact-resistant, dust-proof and splash-proof housing (robust with a rubberized grip area)
Automatically activated light sensor LCD display illumination
Including 2x 1.5 Volt AAA batteries (LR03 / AAA) (voltage display from 50 V even when the batteries!)

Technical specifications:
Display: LED / LCD
LED display levels: 50, 120, 230, = 400 Volt AC / DC
Low voltage range: 1.0 to 11.9 volts
Continuity Test: yellow LED
Phase sequence test: green LED (right / left)
Phase testing: red LED
Polarity test: LCD
Load connection via push buttons: S = 550 mA (1000 VDC)
Resistivity: 0.1 kO - 300 kO
Diode test: 0.3 V - 2 V (LCD)
Frequency measurement: 15 Hz - 1000 Hz
Protection: IP 65
Overvoltage category: CAT IV 600V / CAT III 1000 V

* A commercially available multimeter may not use the service, even if it is suitable to 1,000V. But why is that? Quite simply: Operator error should be excluded. Would that measuring the voltage Freedom namely
wrongly adjusted Messbereich- ie electricity instead of voltage measurement - made and the high-voltage equipment is not normally contrary to expectations, due to the low internal resistance devices in mode `Strommessung' a very high
River flow.

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