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EuroEquip leak detector Smoke Pro® Air Complete ™

Smoke Leaktester without disturbing compressed air connection (internal micro-compressor), with manometer, flow meter and Accessories Set
Latest, most advanced technology for a professional but easy Leak Diagnosis
OEM approved: Recommended by carmakers
Quickly locate leaks with that generated by the device itself vapor formed by the internal compressor can be sent (if desired under pressure) in the system under test
The diagnostic smoke is not generated as with many other systems with special fluids, but with baby oil (in the free trade to acquire low) and thus ensures a cost-effective and long-lasting operation
Additionally it can be checked via a manometer tightness
Variabele flow control for the detection of errors in any closed system: The flow control valve (flow meters) gives you instant feedback as to whether there is a leak and also quantified with the estimated size
About the vapor to escape the leak can quickly and easily, even in hard to reach places, be localized
Compact and lightweight: The diagnostic unit is portable and so quickly and easily at any location suitable for mobile use (it is only a 12V connection required)
Reducing diagnostic time: With this diagnostic tool, you can shorten search times and thus provide capacity for additional repair orders
Pinpoint diagnostics reduce repair times and gain a competitive edge over its competitors and ensure customer satisfaction
Technicians and untrained staff perform at the same time very fast and safe diagnosis, locate the problem and immediately carry out the necessary repairs
Includes all necessary adapters and accessories to check the entire intake and exhaust system
In addition, it includes an adapter to flood the fuel system via the filler neck

Areas of application for the leak test:
Intake manifolds and the exhaust system
Tank and fuel system
Carburetion system
EGR and EGR valves
Ventilation System
Chassis, glass, doors
Brake booster
Vacuum-controlled door systems
Membranes and oil seals

Technical specifications:
Weight: 4.9kg
Operating voltage: 12 volts
Dimensions: 20 x 25 x 33 cm
Diagnostic species:
1 pressure test (leakage test)
2 Smoke testing (leak detection)

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