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VDO ContiSys Check TPMS
Modern, multifunctional tester for the growing needs and demands of ever more complex vehicle systems
Compact, easy to use and with optional software updates up to date
The optional software update service "ContiSys Update Plus" makes the internet that your diagnostics device is always up to date
A powerful EOBD diagnostic tool for reliable reading of control devices, ideal for direct reception, the service and repair
Thanks to great features ideal as a second appliance
With the adapted battery powered TPMS frequency module, tire pressure sensors can be activated and important data is read. The results are shown on the display
Applications, including:
For efficient, reliable reading of ECUs in the vehicle reception
For engine control unit diagnosis for the service - with more than 20,000 manufacturer-specific fault codes with text indication
For resetting of airbag and belt tensioner systems - perfect for body shops
In support of electric parking brakes, ABS / ESP and the MB SBC systems - ideal for brake service
For checking and calibration of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS)
For checking and calibration of TPMS systems (Teaching of sensors, checking tire pressure / temperature, battery status, torque values, About Bestell-Nr./OE-Nr./zugehörige service kit number.)
For calibration of VAG DSG transmissions
For resetting of service intervals such. As oil change interval indicators
Coding / Teach of common rail diesel injectors
VAG steering angle sensors

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Software Update Plus
Software Update Plus
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