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Stethoskop kabellos

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Wireless Stethoscope
With the wirelessstethoscope (4transmitter and a receiver with wireless wireless connection)youcandiagnose the vehicle while driving various damage and noise
By magnetic transmitter to various parts of the vehicle or even all four wheel bearings can simultaneously analyze
Recognize damaged bearings in the engine compartment such as the alternator or broken belt or chain tensioner
Driving can be switched easily between different transmitters
It can be used individually or the transmitter are connected but all four at the same time
The receiver unit can play the sounds from the transmitters via speakers or headphones
The absence of cables allows quick, easy use of the device
Without cable (wireless)
Receiver with channel selection, headphone input and volume control
4 channels with input for metal clamp
6 AA batteries for receiver / Main Module
16 AAA batteries for transmitter
Cable ties and velcro straps to the transmitter to be mounted fixed
Writing pad to make notes on the individual transmitters

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