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ABS Reibahlensatz, 7-piece

For cleaning the receiving bore for the ABS sensor
The finely toothed, short joint ratchet provides the user with the flexibility to carry out the mounting even in confined installation positions
The ratchet is preset only for right-handed operation, in order to exclude damage to the reamer for an anticlockwise use

When removing defective sensors almost always remain residues by corrosion and contamination and remnants of the old sensor into the mounting hole
Often, the drilling of rusted or torn off sensors is required
In some VAG models the drilling has been designed for essential
Before the new sensor can be installed, the mounting hole must be cleaned properly in order to ensure a precise assembly
When a contaminated receiving bore new sensors are damaged by improper pressing often
In addition, subsequent faults in the ABS system may be made due to incorrect measurements
Only the exact positioning of the new sensor can ensure correct readings in the ABS system

Scope of supply:
1 dextrorotatory special ratchet, 1/4 inch drive, lockable swivel head, 123 mm long
1 twist drill, Ø 10 mm
1 Reamer, Ø 18 mm, 34.2 mm long - suitable for VAG and NFZ
1 Reamer, Ø 18 mm, 23.2 mm long - suitable for BMW 3 Series E36 / E46 and VAG
1 Reamer, Ø 15 mm, 23.2 mm long - suitable for Ford, Mazda and Mercedes A-Class
1 Reamer, Ø 14 mm, 32.2 mm long - suitable for 5 Series BMW E39, E60, 5 Series Touring E39 / E61, E63 6 Series / 6 Series Cabriolet E64, 7er E38 / E65 / E66 / E67, E70 X5, X6 E71, E52 Z8
1 Reamer, Ø 10 mm, 29.2 mm long (total length 150 mm) - suitable for Opel Insignia, Seat Ibiza, Skoda Fabia, VW Golf V / Polo 9N / T5 (in these models will have to be drilled, the upper part of the sensor, since the receiving bore is deducted)

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