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ATE brake caliper Hohn brush
The Honing Brush is the ideal tool to thoroughly clean rusted bores for receiving the guide sleeves of brake calipers (floating calipers). The mounting hole in the caliper housing is often corroded greater or lesser extent. Thereby, the guide sleeve is squeezed and the guide pin terminals therein. The caliper can no longer move about freely, as a result occur more brake problems. After removing the old guide sleeves, the mounting holes are sanded bare metal in the caliper housing with the Honing Brush. For this purpose (500 Setting max. Rev / min.) To use a cordless screwdriver and only best in Uhrziegersinn (clockwise) rotation. Honing Brush which is suitable for use with different diameters of guide sleeves recordings. After cleaning the holes in the caliper housing they are thinly brushed with Plastilube. So new corrosion is prevented and the new guide sleeves can be mounted easily.

Caution: Never the guide sleeves or inside the guide pin grease! These sliding surfaces must remain dry!

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