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Mawek high frequency charger IUoU 16 ampere "HFL16"

Microprocessor-controlled battery charger (high frequency battery charger Computer 6 + 12V) of the newest generation
100% full charge of all lead / acid, gel, AGM, nonwoven and maintenance-free batteries
Protect the on-board electronics, control unit, air bag, etc.
Short-circuit and reverse polarity protection
Extensive self-protection and protection functions z. B. defective batteries
Duration charging and conservation
Reliable sparking suppression
The following programs can be selected by pressing a button:
1. Charging Program: for 6 and 12 Volt board voltage with very large field of application for batteries 4-300 Ah
2. SERVICE program: Keeps during vehicle diagnosis board voltage stable (buffer mode) - essential for all vehicles with CAN-BUS system. It ensures that the vehicle battery during diagnostic / service / customer service ("flash") with the ignition on and additional consumers will always remain on full charge level. Without this feature is by voltage fluctuations often no diagnostic possible addition a voltage maintenance (backup mode) is activated during the battery change - this prevents data loss (no complicated reprogramming required)
3. Reactivation Program: For Charging of exhausted batteries - with this "reactivation" special charging program even many sulfated batteries can be recharged
Ideally suited for motorcycles, electric vehicles, passenger cars, construction equipment, trucks, etc. Busbatterien
Made in Germany
!!! Mercedes-Benz released

Charging stages:
6 V / 2 A for batteries 4 up to 20 Ah
12 V / 2 A for batteries 4 up to 25 Ah
12 V / 8 A for batteries from 25 to 100 Ah
12 V / 16 A for batteries from 100 to 300 Ah
12 V / 16 A Service
12 V reactivation

Technical specifications:
Power (adjustable): 2 8 and 16 A
Voltage: 6 + 12 Volt
Dimensions: 250 x 142 x 115 mm
Weight: 1,3 kg

Scope of supply: 2 m power cable and 2 m battery cable with high-quality, fully insulated Metallpolklemmen

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